About Us

To companies that depend on Technology to empower their business, Chicago Tech is the partner who delivers IT and Telecom Asset Management, freeing you from the complexity of managing technology. Not only do we specialize in high tech equipment, we provide IT and Telecom Asset Management that includes Procurement Strategies, Remarketing Solutions, Professional and Financial Services.
Our products include, Central Office Switches, Backbone Routers, ATM Switches, Remote Access Devices, Optical Technology, Midrange and High-end servers, PC's, plus many other types of IT and Telecom hardware. We supply equipment from leading manufacturers such as Adtran, Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Dell, Emerson, HP, IBM, Lucent, Nortel, Sun, Tellabs, Westell, plus many other manufacturers.
We've built a reputation on Vendor Independence, Flexibility and Experience. We're a leader in helping organizations reduce cost and improve efficiency through aggressive IT and Telecom Asset Management.

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