ADTRAN 1204659L2 MX2800 STS-1 CONTR CD

Adtran 1204659L2 M3C3GFMAAA

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The MX2800 is an M13 multiplexer that consolidates T1 and E1 signals into a T3 circuit. This unit provides a cost-effective, versatile tool for combining independent T1s, E1s, or a combination of the two over the same T3 circuit.

The MX2800 houses two hot-swappable controller cards which provide 1:1 redundancy for the T1 and T3 signals, as well as the T3 connections.

Embedded simple network management protocol (SNMP) and Telnet are available through the modem port using serial line internet protocol/point-to-point protocol (SLIP/PPP) or through the 10Base-T Ethernet port. Using the Management Information Base II (MIB II), RFC 1407 standards, and an ADTRAN enterprise MIB, the MX2800 can be configured, monitored, and diagnosed with standard SNMP network management programs such as Hewlett Packard’s HP OpenView™ and Cabletron’s Spectrum®. In addition, the SysLog Host Daemon allows remote monitoring, collecting, and logging of MX2800 events in realtime. This information is useful during installation setups and/or troubleshooting.

Complete configuration, loopbacks, and performance monitoring are available through SNMP, Telnet, or a VT100 terminal interface. This connection can be made via Ethernet, a local EIA-232 link, or through the built-in V.34 modem. The modem can dial out a “cry for help” for units located in unmanned facilities. The MX2800 is designed for installation in a 19-inch or 23-inch rack.  |  (847) 504-0515  |  Request a quote

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